IBDL Essential

Understanding Business - Your Way to Business!

It is a rewarding certification that can create opportunities for a lifelong career. It is internationally recognized certification in Business Administration skills - BAS.

IBDL Essential provides learners with an integrated “big picture” approach to business that covers the most important functional areas of business. It explains the nature of business with an emphasis on its applications for people and organizations.

Training Materials

McGraw-Hill Business Publishing


This course is a preparation for the international exam of IBDL Essential credential. 

Table of Contents

  1. Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business
  2. Management: Functions and Styles
  3. Leadership and Motivation
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Marketing: Product and Price
  6. Marketing: Place and Promotion
  7. Understanding Financial Information and Accounting
  8. Business in Global Markets
  9. Demonstrating Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility
  10. Information Technology in Business 

You Can Obtain:

  • 90 days access to eLearning program
  • 50 hours training
  • IBDL Essential Handbook or eBook
  • Mind Maps
  • Questions bank
  • Online Practice Test
  • IBDL Official Certificate Examination (3 attempts)