Trainers Accreditation


IBDL Certified Professional Trainer Requirement (CPT):

The trainer who wishes to get certified must be a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business, Management and Accounting with relevant working experience (at least 10 years) or hold an MBA Degree from a recognized university.

  1. Trainer must pass IBDL examination with minimum score 70% for each level.
  2. Trainer must attend orientation of IBDL Training Methodology.
  3. Full/part-time employment at a highly regarded training provider/company.
  4. Trainer must have professional work ethics coupled with promptness, reliability, and adherence to rules and regulations.
  5. IBDL certified trainers delivering training could work on a full-time or part-time basis through IBDL Service Provider Agents or Training Centers. In this case they would follow the standard procedures for becoming IBDL certified partners and will be subjected to the same qualifying criteria and partnership contractual requirements.

On completion of this orientation, the participant should:

  1. Understand how to conduct training according to IBDL methods.
  2. Become familiar with trainer certification procedures and quality requirements.
  3. Recognize the training needs of the students.
  4. Identify their own/others’ learning styles and implications for training.

Ways of enhancing training skills:

    1. Adult learning techniques and approaches.
    2. Good use of visual aids.
    3. New and effective facilitation skills, behaviors and techniques.
    4. Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback.
    5. Managing difficult circumstances in the classroom.