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General questions

Are there any perquisites to take the IBDL qualification?

No, we don’t have any required perquisites; anyone from any background could take the IBDL certifications. They’re suitable for everyone who is interested in gaining high skills in business.

How much does it cost to get IBDL qualifications?

To find out more about the fees to get IBDL certifications, please check the following link:


How many qualifications does IBDL offer?

IBDL offers three major qualifications in business administration field:

  • IBDL Essential: Understanding Business.
  • IBDL Professional: Business Management and Planning.
  • IBDL Master: Business Leadership and Strategies "IBDL master.
Is there a preparation course?

Yes, we have a preparation course. You’re free to choose between taking the preparation course in one of our accredited training centers by accredited trainers. Or if you’re a self-study-kind of person, then you can take the course all on your own with our E-Learning online.

Are the qualifications available in different languages?

Yes, IBDL qualifications are issued in three languages; English, Arabic, and French.

What is IBDL E-Learning?

E-Learning is simply an electronic learning based on the concept of bringing learning to people instead of bringing people to leaning. You can study whatever you like through your computer, Laptops, I- pad, or even your smart phone. Instead of having a teacher, you have power point slides explaining what you’re studying accompanied by a voice-over to make things easier for yourself. With E-Learning, you can study whatever you like, wherever you like, whenever you like!

IBDL-Levels Certification Program

Why does the Core BAS Certification program consist of three levels?

The three levels of the certification program identify the globally-recognized levels of maturity of the BAS profession.

This core BAS certification progression will encourage BAS professionals to grow and develop in their profession and be recognized for growth and development from the start of their career through to retirement.

What are the significance of IBDL- BAS certification programs being competency-based?

As individuals move along their career progression, their competencies will grow and develop.  At each key milestone, the individual will have developed or gained a different level of competency that can be recognized, thus providing clear differentiation between certification levels.  The certification level encourages an IBDL- BAS professional to seek growth through specific learning and development to support them in achieving the desired level. IBDL- BAS certification programs will assess and measure an individuals’ competencies at any given level thus ensuring the IBDL- BAS professional and employer knows what is expected at each level.

What is the difference between a Professional Certification and a Certificate?

Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that they have demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise within their field.  Level 2 – IBDL Professional®  and Level 3 – IBDL Master® are considered professional certifications because they each have a unique work experience requirement to be eligible and the exam tests their application of the competencies required at each level.  Those who achieve certification receive a certification license number. Level 1 – IBDL Essential®™ is a certificate because it does not require work experience, and it only requires professional development hours to be eligible.

Do I need to be a member of IBDL- BAS to apply for certification or to recertify?

No, you do not need to be an IBDL member to apply for certification.

There are many benefits to IBDL membership. These include, but are not limited to, discounted certification exam fees, discounted recertification fees, a free PDF copy of the BASBOK® Guide, and much more.

Certification Program (Essential, Professional and Master) - Application Process

I do not have details such as contact name, phone number, and email, etc. for my professional development courses.  How should I proceed with entering this information in my application?

The contact information of someone who can validate that you took a course, in the event your application is audited by IBDL, must be entered.  If it's an online course, then you may have registered through your company's HR  and training department so you can provide the HR  and training person's contact information instead.

After I submit my application how long will I have to wait to find out if I'm approved to sit for the exam?

Applications are assessed immediately upon submission and payment of the application fee. You will not be able to submit your application unless you have met all the eligibility requirements. Once your online application shows that all requirements have been met, you will be able to submit your application. You will immediately receive an email stating that you are either approved OR approved pending audit. If you are approved, the e-mail will contain instructions on paying the exam fee so you can schedule it.

How do I request an application extension?

You can request an application extension by e-mailing [email protected] only extenuating circumstances with the appropriate supporting documentation will be considered. Complete extension request procedure.

Eligibility Requirements

What is the preparation course?

Professional Development training and/or education that will assist you in further developing your skills and/or knowledge for a given area and prepares you to pass the Exam.

Are preparation courses hours (or Contact Hours in the application), the same as E-Learning hours?

When applying online, you enter in your preparation courses development hours in the Contact Hours field. Please note 1 hour of preparation courses = 1 E-Learning hours.

Will IBDL verify professional development or work experience?

Applicants and recipients may be randomly selected for audit to validate work experience, professional development and other information provided when they apply and/or recertify.

Do online courses hold as much weight as classroom courses to meet the professional development requirement?

Online courses hold the same weight as classroom courses for the Professional Development requirement. All courses, whether classroom or online, must meet the professional development criteria for the certification level within the handbook, and you must be able to provide proof of taking the course in case your application is selected for random audit.

General - Fees

What methods are available to pay the application and/or exam fee for certification?

The available payment methods are as follows:

  • By PayPal or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) via the shopping cart on our website


  • By mailing in a cheque or international money order or Bank transfer. Please include a copy of your invoice and mail it in with your payment.
What are the fees for certification?

You can find the fees for all our certification programs and products from here


How much time is needed to prepare for the exams and how does one best prepare for the exams?

It really depends on the individual. The following, however, are some exam preparation tips:

  • Study the Handbook® Guide for the Core BAS certifications (Essential or Professional or Master)
  • Reviews sample exam questions.
  • Review IBDL Guide to Competency-Based Certification for Core BAS certifications (Flash card).
  • Attend training courses by IBDL Approved Training Providers (ATP™) in those areas you feel that additional knowledge would help benefit your study efforts.
  • Use E-Learning resources.
  • Use practice exams online as this simulates the environment in which you'll be tested.
  • Discuss chapters with study partners when studying. Use plenty of examples to provide a context where needed.


Note: IBDL does not, in any way, represent that completing the above guarantees success at passing a certificate or certification exam. (It really depends on the individual.)

How do I sign up for an exam?

Once your online application is approved, you need to pay the exam fee in order to be eligible to schedule the exam. Once your exam fee is received by IBDL, you will receive an e-mail confirming payment with instructions to schedule your exam. At this point, you can proceed to schedule your exam with one of IBDL Approved Exam Provider.


Note: to schedule your exam with IBDL, you will require the Eligibility ID number (LOGBOOK) in your confirmation email.

How and when are exams offered?

IBDL exams are offered via IBDL online platform and taken via computer-based testing at dedicated and Approved Exam Providers centers.

How do I reschedule my exam?

See our Exam Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

How can I schedule my rewrite of an exam?

You must wait for IBDL to receive your exam result from the testing provider and upload it to your IBDL profile before you can pay and schedule your rewrite exam. This may take up to 24 hours from your exam day. As soon as your score is uploaded into your IBDL profile account, you will receive an e-mail from IBDL instructing you on your next steps to pay the exam rewrite fee and to schedule your rewrite of the exam. To schedule your rewrite, you are required to pay the rewrite fee to IBDL first.

I passed my exam. When will my profile be updated?

From your exam date, it can take up to 1 business day for IBDL to process your result from the testing provider. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from IBDL which will include your online certificate and transcript of achievement.

I can’t schedule my exam because I am getting an error message, what do I do?

If you experience an error while trying to schedule your exam, please contact [email protected]  

Within my exam confirmation e-mail from the testing administrator, my address is incorrect. Will this affect admission into my exam?

No, it will not affect your admission into the exam.

What kind of identification do I need the day of the exam?

You will not enter the test without your LOGBOOK and your ID or passport.

Is water and food permitted during the exam?

These are not permitted during the exam. If these are required due to medical reasons, follow the special accommodations procedure.

When will I receive my exam results?

You will see your exam results immediately after you submit your exam. Confirmation of your exam result will also be emailed to you by IBDL within 5 business days.

What happens if I miss the exam or arrive late to the exam?

If you miss the exam date without cancelling or rescheduling in advance and paying the necessary fee, you will be considered a no-show and will have to forfeit the exam fee or rewrite fee you already paid, unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

See our Exam Cancellation/Reschedule/Missed or Late Policy.

What kind of items are permitted and prohibited within a test center examination hall for the IBDL exams?

Laptop, mobile phone, and any educational resources/documentation related to the Exam content.