Diplomats of the 21st Century and Economic Diplomacy

Date : 2017-10-08 Diplomats of the 21st Century and Economic Diplomacy


On Sunday, October the 8th, 2017 - The International Business Driving License (IBDL), in cooperation with the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EAPD), launched its program to train 100 diplomats from 40 African countries under the title “Diplomats of the 21st Century and Economic Diplomacy ".


The training comes as part of the strategy to support African cadres through training courses organized by IBDL in cooperation with EAPD, aiming to develop the skills of diplomats in increasing trade exchange between African countries and the world. This also stresses the importance of cooperation with specialized centers of excellence in all developmental fields to organize training courses aimed at African diplomats, in line with the country's strategy to travel to the continent.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Hazem Fahmy, Secretary General of EAPD, Eng. Sherif Dilawar, International Economic Expert, and Dr. Khalid Khallaf, Executive Director of IBDL. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia are at the top of the list of the participating companies in the program.