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IBDL’s 1000 African Scholarships

IBDL’s 1000 African Scholarships


On July the 12th, EAPD in association with IBDL celebrated the inauguration of the project of “The African Next-Generation Professionals 1000 Scholarships Project”. These scholarships target the CEOs and executives from 21 African countries to provide professional leadership training. This project is a live example of Egypt’s commitment towards the sustainable development in Mother Africa.                                

The initiative of the “The African Next-Generation Professionals Project”  aims at contributing to developing modern management systems and entrepreneurship in African countries; in order to achieve sustainable development goals.   



His Excellency Ambassador Hazem Fahmy, the Secretary General of EAPD, has declared that different 21 African countries are benefiting from these scholarships in the first phase of the project, which includes the certificate of “IBDL Essential”. Moreover, he confirmed that the certifications of IBDL are conducted according to international criteria and up-to-date executive educational curriculum.    

Dr. Khaled Khallaf, CEO of IBDL, said that these certifications professionally promote and enable their holders of mastering business administration skills. Nonetheless, IBDL seeks to support the international and local society to acquire more knowledge of business, in order to achieve the maximum profit from the skills of the country’s executives. Dr. Khallaf also declared that this initiative aims at effectively contributing to the growth of economy and production of the countries in general.