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IBDL’s New Step in Africa

IBDL’s New Step in Africa

Working harder and harder on training the African cadres, the International Business Driving License (IBDL) made a new step in Africa by organizing a workshop on drafting and adopting AU resolution. The workshop took place from 10 – 13 April 2018, at Midrand South Africa.


The Workshop included 26 participants from AU (African Union) and APRM (African Peer Review Mechanism). Following the workshop, all the participants received IBDL certificates which were handed out by Dr. Mohamed Galal, the Chief Development Officer-Africa of IBDL, and Mr. Ferdinand Katendeko, APRM Chief of staff.


The workshop is a step forward in IBDL’s plan to expand allover Africa, as IBDL has expressed its interest in supporting African cadres through training courses organized by IBDL in cooperation with EAPD, aiming to develop the skills of African youth in increasing trade exchange between African countries and the world.

This will be achieved through different executive courses, delivered by IBDL aiming to reach all of Africa to help sharpen the African youth skills and train them to be the next generation of business professionals.