IBDL is now in Guinea

Date : 2017-06-06 IBDL is now in Guinea


Within the frame of the special interest that IBDL is giving to Africa, Dr. Khaled Khallaf (CEO of IBDL) has been honored to meet his Excellency the President of Guinea Conakry. Mr. ALPHA Conde. During that meeting, Mister the President has decided to give away for wider cooperation with IBDL, within his vision for a modernized Guinea with a developed and well-trained human capital, that can drive a sustainable development in Guinea.

Within that same context, Dr. Moahmed Galal, the chief development officer for Africa, has met his Excellency the Guinean Ambassador in Cairo: Mr. Soriba Camara. That meeting was to prepare the coming visit of IBDL delegation to Guinea, within a mission of cooperation organized and sponsored by the EAPD (the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development) a division of the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry