IBDL launches EWLP

Date : 2019-01-23 IBDL launches EWLP


Under the international recognition and accreditation of Missouri State University and IBDL Foundation, Dr. Hala El Said, Minister of Planning, cooperated with UN Women Egypt and the National Management Institute (NMI) to launch EWLP for women leaders in the Egyptian government.



The program aims at developing women skills and abilities, so that they would be able “to manage their time, think wise, create ideas from scratch, take right decisions, predict and evaluate work atmosphere”, El Said said. “This program also comes with the frame of Egypt’s 2030 Development Strategy,” Minister further reported.



Moreover, the program lasts for 6 months and will be divided into 30 sessions; each session will be taken in three hours. By the end of the program, trainees should submit ideas aim at developing their work. All trainees will get a certificate presented by the international organization, IBDL.