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Big Data Event

Big Data Event

 For the first time in IBDL history, IBDL participated in collaboration with IBM & Dell in “Big Data Dance" forum which took place in Missouri State University from the period of 20th of April till 22nd this month.

“Moving Your Business Forward with Analytics” This is the slogan that has been raised by the Big Data event in the United States. The "Big Data Dance" forum explored the answers of many questions that leaders are thinking of nowadays. In Today’s business world, lots of decision makers and thought leaders are talking about the analytic tools available to businesses like Big Data analysis.

Management Development Institute opened its door to CEO’s, senior leaders, managers, IT professionals, marketing representatives, financial supervisors, HR directors and anyone within the organization who involved in the decision making processes to attend such event.

This event featured multiple breakout sessions on the definition of Big Data, background, capture, sources and ethics. Uses of Big Data, predictive analytics, product positioning, pricing, manufacturing, retailing, analytics tools, software, hardware and training , quantitative data analysis and structuring text data.Also, the event discussed the darker Side of data and how to manage risks.Finally, the role of Big Data in the value Chain - C-Suite, IT, finance, HR performance, logistics, marketing and customer care.

IBDL in collaboration with IBM & DELL  took the chance under the direct supervision of Khaled Khallaf – IBDLChief Executive Officer to be one of the event sponsors. Dr.Khaled noted that “Today’s leaders must think about how to harness the power of information generated every second of every day to move the business forward with analytics”.