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The EMS program in KSA

The EMS program in KSA

 The first batch of “Developing Essential Management Skills program” was launched from the period of 18th till the 29th of September in collaboration with Namaa Almunawra. The program was held in Zamzam Pullman Hotel- Almadinah Almunawra.

The program aims to enhance the Essential management skills of fresh grad individuals as well as the employees in the private sector in order to prepare them to take appropriate supervisory and administrative roles or to start their own businesses.

The program also focuses on three main dimensions, the skills of self-development, leadership skills, and institutional development through the assistance of IBDL Business Certification: Understanding Business.

In light of this cooperation, Medina institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Mile) played an active part to organize this program in collaboration with Namaa Almunawra to train up to 300 Saudi businessmen. This efficient collaboration was funded by Human Resources Development Fund (HDF) in Saudi Arabia.