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A New Capacity Building Deal For Young Entrepreneurs

A New Capacity Building Deal For Young Entrepreneurs


A Memorandum of Understand has been signed between a Cairo-based organization, International Business Driving License (IBDL), the University of Kigali and Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation to facilitate capacity building for Rwandan young entrepreneurs.

The University of Kigali is hosting the first group of 50 beneficiaries. But the deal, signed yesterday at the University of Kigali, targets to train 1000 people annually. The training, which has already kicked off, takes a duration of five days.



The fifty scholarships are fully funded by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Egyptian Agency for Partnership in Development (EAPD).

Dr. Mohamed Galal, the Chief Development Officer-Africa of IBDL, said the purpose of the collaboration is to build entrepreneurial skills in the private sector in Rwanda.

“This is also meant to support entrepreneurs to develop and implement different business strategies as well as create more employment and thereby enable Rwanda to demonstrate leadership in the execution and support of entrepreneurship skills and job creation,” Galal said.

This will be achieved through different executive courses, delivered by IBDL. Dr. Galal added that they are planning to have this programme running for years to have as much impact as possible.