IBDL Goes to Guinea

IBDL Goes to Guinea

Continuing to expand its activities in Africa, International Business Driving License (IBDL) Foundation has just announced the great news of singing a new agreement with the University of Gamal Abdel Nasser at Conakry in Guinea.


The agreement is the fruit of a series of successful endeavors between Dr. Mohamed Galal, the Chief Development Officer-Africa of IBDL and The Minister of pre-University education and literacy, Mr. Ibrahima Kalil Konaté, and The Minister for higher education and scientific research, Mr Abdoulaye Yéro Baldé as well.

IBDL’s first existence in Guinea was through the IBDL scholarships that aimed for training the Guineans youth in management and entrepreneurship empowering them to take the next step in their careers. This training was provided by international business driving license (IBDL) in collaboration with the Egyptian Development Partnership Agency of the Egyptian Ministry of foreign affairs.


The agreement comes as step forward in IBDL’s plan to expand allover Africa, as IBDL has expressed its interest in supporting African cadres through training courses organized by IBDL in cooperation with EAPD, aiming to develop the skills of African youth in increasing trade exchange between African countries and the world.

This will be achieved through different executive courses, delivered by IBDL aiming to reach all of Guinea to help sharpen the Guinean youth skills and train them to be the next generation of business professionals.