Upon an invitation from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SEOULTECH), the International Business Driving License (IBDL’s) CEO, Khaled Kahllaf, and IBDL Chief Business Officer, Dr.  Adel Sadek, visited the university to discuss the possibility of a joint cooperation between IBDL and the university.

With such a cooperation, IBDL’s three certificates would be offered at the university for the students in English language to provide them with a better understanding of the Business Administration Skills (BAS) aiming to equip them with the knowledge they need for starting their own careers after graduation.

During the visit, IBDL’s CEO also mentioned the possibility of having the IBDL’s certificates translated to the Korean language to make things easier for the students. Dr. Khallaf, also visited the smart industry labs, research, development and artificial intelligence units at the university.

IBDL was in South Korea this month for representing the Egyptian and African Private Sector Companies at the 53rd Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank which was held from May 21st to 26th, 2018.

IBDL is a ground-breaking certification body of international business skills. IBDL offers three different qualifications in Business Administration Skills (BAS) and provides its services through several regional offices worldwide. IBDL works with leaders and governments in the African continent aiming to help in empowering the next generation of African professionals.