IBDL targets knowledge transfer in Djibouti

Date : 2017-08-01 IBDL targets knowledge transfer in Djibouti


Through the EAPD/IBDL strategic partnership, Djibouti has accepted 50 scholarships from IBDL and they are expected to be executed at the INAP at Djibouti by October this year. Those scholarships will mark the start of a partnership between IBDL Foundation, EAPD and INAP in Djibouti for knowledge transfer and capacity building of the governmental next generation of professionals at Djibouti.



After a successful trip to Djibouti, Dr. Khaled Khallaf (IBDL CEO) and Dr. Mohamed Galal (IBDL CDO - Africa) have announced that negotiations are engaged between IBDL Foundation and the INAP Djibouti National Training Institute to deliver IBDL courses for the governmental employees  as its mission is to develop their managerial capacity.

Among IBDL expansion plans in Africa, serious negotiations have been engaged between IBDL Foundation and the Djiboutian Chamber of Commerce. Those negotiations aim to expand IBDL training and certification to include the Djiboutian private sector through the Chamber’s expected accreditation as a service provider and an accredited examination center. This possible accreditation will enable the Chamber to provide the private sector with all IBDL trainings and certifications.