About us

About us

International Business Driving License – IBDL, was founded in 2007 in Houston, Texas. It is an international foundation that provides world-class professional products (qualifications, executive education,  examinations, business simulation games, and assessment centers). IBDL is globally certified and accredited by the prestigious Management Development Institute, International - MDI of Missouri State University.

IBDL professional products are designed, validated, and approved by Mc Graw-Hill, in collaboration with Management Development Institute, to serve globally as an outreach department for the College of Business Administration of Missouri State University.

IBDL Offers:

1-International Professional Qualification

2-Executive Education Master-classes

3-Business Simulation Games

4-Professional Assessment Center

5- Experiential E-Learning

Our Vision

IBDL aspires to become the educational backbone of Business Administration Skills (BAS) and to help empower the next generation professionals.

Our Mission

IBDL aims to qualify the next generation business pro­fessionals and help them become today’s business leaders through mastering the internationally-recognized standards of Business Administration Skills (BAS).