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Accreditation is a mean of assessing and affirming the integrity and the technical competence of organizations offering training services that lead to certification. Providing accredited training increases the value of the learners’ experience and ensures the quality, scope, and depth of the training delivered.

Evaluating a company’s training material along with the review of their internal quality systems and the trainers' qualifications ensure adherence to the industry standards. Companies that wish to deliver the IBDL’s training and order the certification exams must be accredited.

Benefits of Training Accreditation:

IBDL accredits training centers to deliver preparation courses and exams associated with our qualification. We do not deliver training ourselves but accredit your training organization, trainers, courseware, and quality management system.

As an accredited training center, you will have the advantage of our range of value-adding services to grow your business. Our accreditation is a respected seal of approval, and we, ourselves, are accredited by the Management Development Institute through the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University.

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