For NGOs

For NGOs

IBDL is a comprehensive program that offers experienced NGOs professionals the opportunity to increase their capacity for effective entrepreneurial management and leadership through applied theoretical studies, executive skills training and reflective practices in an interactive learning environment. Through this innovative curriculum, participants will

1-Develop a greater mastery of management and leadership skills and increase their confidence in applying these skills effectively in the non-profit workplace.
2-Gain an awareness of emerging trends in the non-profit sector, including social entrepreneurship, earned income ventures and the evolving financial and marketing landscape.

3-Master reflective practices that enhance communications, give a better understanding and lead to effective results.

4-Develop skills to regain balance, remaining centered in the face of complexity and chaos.

5-Create a personal management and leadership plan to use their refined skills to take action on changes they wish to make in their organizations and communities.

As a result of their participation, IBDL graduates will be better able to:

1-Forge high-performing teams driven to achieve the mission of the organization.

2-Foster within their organizations the proven practices of high impact non-profits.

3-Adopt entrepreneurial competencies of opportunity orientation, innovation, resourcefulness, and adaptive persistence.

4-Lead strategic change within their organizations.

5-Work with other leaders across organizations, sectors and stakeholder groups to capitalize on opportunities for synergy in addressing critical social issues

Graduates of IBDL Certificate program will return home after passing the exam and get an IBDL certificate equipped with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to manage in fast-paced, resource-constrained