For Educators

For Educators

For all the exceptional trainers out there who are hungry for more knowledge, come and join the exclusive trainer's group of IBDL training professionals and reap the benefits of training certification and membership. By doing so you would have access to the complete library of official IBDL training and certification products; substantial discounts on IBDL books and exams, access to a members-only online community and invitations to exclusive events and programs.
80% of US companies say they are “not where they want to be” in terms of business administration skills (AMA 2014). 76% of hiring managers factor in certifications when making hiring decisions. ((AMA 2014). Three out of five managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a Company or organization. (AMA 2014). As an IBDL Certified Trainer, you need to earn an IBDL Certification validating your experience and knowledge and pass the IBDL

Why should you become an IBDL CPT?

Exam in order to transfer the knowledge and skills with your trainees
Benefits and Support

1- Exclusive to IBDL CPT offers both business and management readiness training materials to help IBDL CPTs prepare for teaching IBDL content.

2- IBDL CPT prep kits. Access online trainer preparation packs containing helpful downloadable content for teaching courseware, including videos, slide decks and courseware content.

3-IBDL Download Center. Receive comprehensive access to the entire IBDL library of training and certification materials.

4-Courseware Marketplace. Access digital versions of available IBDL courses and student guides.

5-IBDL students. Join exclusive private communities for peer support and networking and communicate with the IBDL training and certification team.