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For Government

IBDL Program is an accredited comprehensive management development program designed specifically for managers and future leaders as well as certain profit or non-profit organizations. The program's primary goal is to improve the performance of public sector managers and organizational performance. IBDL program offers a comprehensive course of study by which public managers can acquire and apply the best practices and theories to their business administration skills - BAS behaviors using prescribed sets of professional standards. The curriculum applies theory to practical problems facing the participant. Those who complete the program earn an IBDL Certification designation.

What are the IBDL program certification benefits?


IBDL Program certification offers many benefits to both participants and their respective agencies. Such benefits include:

1-Strengthening leadership abilities.

2-Developing inter-agency contacts and communication.

3-Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness.

4-Encouraging innovation, creativity and new approaches to problem-solving.

5-Linking customer service to public service.

6-Intergovernmental networking at all levels of government administration.

7-On-line learning format reducing time away from the office and reduced travel expenses.