For Professionals

For Professionals

IBDL Certificates Program in Business Administration skills introduces the fundamental concepts and practices of business to develop a broad-based practical understanding of its context, purpose and underlying functional areas: Strategic leadership, Human Resources, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Management. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a new business manager or a professional seeking a career transition with greater business responsibility, these certificates employ materials and techniques that are consistent with modern principles and best practices thus providing knowledge and skills that you can use immediately. You also get the advantage of a curriculum that is overseen by an advisory board of business and education leaders; approved by International Business Driving License (IBDL), Management Development Institute - Missouri State University; and taught by working professionals who have many years of practical business experience.



IBDL Certificates in Business are qualified for many entry-level business positions.  While the career opportunities available to IBDL are vast, common business careers IBDL students pursue following graduation include:


2-Commercial Business

3-Factories and heavy industry

4-Communications and information technology companies

5- Small and medium-sized companies

6- Advertising

7- Business Analyst

8- Business Development

9- Commercial & Retail Banking

10- Consulting

11- Management

12- Human Resources

13- Investment Management

14- Management

15- Project Lead/Manager – Information Systems

16- Retail (Stores & Corporate)

17- Underwriting/Claims Adjusting

Contact IBDL to meet with IBDL career advisor, if you would like to explore your career options further.