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Quick Overview:

A Business Strategy Game
MicroMatic is designed to be used in both graduate and undergraduate
courses related to strategic management as well as in MBA courses for
corporate learners. MicroMatic allows participants to experience the
kind of issues that are involved in managing a small manufacturing operation ($2 million to $4 million in annual sales). In the game, the company
sells its product in three sales regions, one of which can be either the
European Union or China. participants managing Micromatc must have
a coordinated strategy (e.g. marketing, operations, and finance are
in sync) to achieve success.

Additional Information

Because of the number and type of decisions the participants must make, MicroMatic is classified as a medium
to a complex business simulation game. This helps
participants understand how the functional
areas of a business fit together without being
bogged down in needless details and provides
participants with an excellent capstone experience in decision-making.
MicroMatic is a great distance learning tool
that offers boundless research

Our Simulations Include:
Oak Tree Simulations produces a group of business simulation games
intended for teaching undergraduate, graduate, and corporate learners
effective business skills.

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