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Quick Overview:

The Complete Personality Assessment

A comprehensive work-based
personality tool, supporting
employers with their internal
recruitment and development
It helps the employer gain a
a deeper understanding of the key
drivers and motivators of his/her

(Personality and Qualities Portfolio) is a scientifically proven assessment
a process that helps employers to assess the behavior and preferred work styles
of individuals in selection, development and teambuilding situations.

Additional Information

How Does PQP™ Work?

PQP™ explores a range of twenty professional personality dimensions. These
dimensions are related to two scales: Roles and Needs scales. The Roles scale
measures individuals’ perception of themselves in the work environment,
examining their sense of leadership, planning, and work style. The Needs
scale probes the deeper inherent tendencies of individuals’ behavior such as
the need to finish a task, the need to achieve and the need to control others.

PQP™ can link to clients’ competency framework, and an automatic interview guide is produced to provide a consistent and structured framework for
interviewing; ensuring relevance to the organization's culture and role.

IBDL/PQP™ Multilevel Services

1. IBDL/PQP™ Assessment Center:

  •  PQP™ Personality Profile: shows overall profile with areas of strengths
    and weaknesses.
  • PQP™ Job Fit: shows the fitness of the applicant for the job and provides
    advice to his/her respective manager about the best way of handling.

2. IBDL/PQP™ HR Companion:

  • PQP™ OB Chart shows a complete scan of corporates’ attitude and culture.
  • PQP™ TNA “Training Needs Assessment”: shows a complete assessment
    of corporates’ perceptions and skills.
  • PQP™ Job Rotation Tool shows a practical guide on the probability of job
    rotation success for every individual.

Personal Development and Team Building

PQP™ plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of staff development initiatives. In particular, it can be used to pinpoint what needs to be done to
improve individuals’ effectiveness in their role and to develop their skills to
enhance future performance and provide remedial action whenever an
an individual is underperforming. By overlaying the profiles of team members
on one PQP wheel, team leaders and HR professionals can:

  • Quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a team.
  • Understand why problems arise between people.
  • Highlight ways to re-engineer a team for optimum performance.
  • Discuss issues of concern in a methodical and reliable framework.