Win vs War

Win vs War

4.00 out of 5


Quick Overview:

Business Simulation Games
A business game is an interactive structured training activity with specially
created conditions, which is an extension of the case-based learning methodology. The training is a challenging and enjoyable tool to develop skills
and to improve individual and team performance in the workplace. Like any
business, games should involve people, resources and processes with an aim
to give participants an experience comparable to one in real-life. The simulation makes the business environment come alive by showing participants the
outcomes of their decisions and thus provides a forum for discussion based
on decisions and outcomes, rather than just decisions.

Additional Information

WIN vs WAR Team Building Exercise
IBDL has designed a game based on team building exercise and on the latest
methodologies in practice nowadays.
The game helps trainees to develop their abilities in:
Negotiation Skills
Leadership Skills
Strategic Thinking Capabilities
Communication Skills
Organization Skills
Planning Capabilities

Tools & Resources

  • Three instructors to lead the team building game
  • Game tools provided and owned by IBDL
  • Audio-visual material including data show, high volume speakers and a microphone

The trainers will divide the participants into several teams, upon which each
team will represent a country’s government. During their governing
mandate of 5 years (slots of 40 minutes), that government should, through
planning, and role distribution within the team, achieve a preset target of
resources for their respective country. Throughout that exercise, and after a
careful distribution of the teams, the participants discover different aspects
of each other and new engagement ways within the different team members.