Higher Education Consultant

Dr. Gregory W. Dlabach

Dr. Dlabach's record of leadership spans three decades, covers industries such as manufacturing, health care, graphic arts, hospitality/entertainment, horticulture and higher education and includes the implementation and management of large and small scale projects and programs while supervising as many as 500 employees.

Providing leadership at the executive level in public management for two large colleges in two different states allowed him the opportunity to work closely with business and industry leaders from all major sectors of the economy. This experience included the successful implementation of innovative training programs, management of a 24 million dollar annual budget, acquisition of partnerships and capital resources, negotiation with collective bargaining units and government agencies, as well as management for construction projects including a technologically sophisticated 55,000 square foot, 13 million dollar science facility.

Dr. Dlabach has been an invited panelist and speaker to state, regional, national and international audiences. Topics included such things as leadership strategies, requisite factors for creating high performing organizations, and quality-based management principles.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Oklahoma State University, a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Missouri State University and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Arkansas.